Monday, October 13, 2008

A Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving has come and gone and with it brought time with family and friends.
My good friend Katherine is back from Holland where she has been living the past few months, so it was great to spend time with her and catch up with what we've both been up to!
Alec and Rachel came home from their busy college lives in Kingston just in time for a huge Turkey dinner at Mum and Dad's house on Saturday. Ollie and Primer got to meet for the first time and spent the weekend running around with each other.

In the afternoon we all went up the Mill of Kintail for a hike and to look at all the Fall colours. It was beautiful and the dogs certainly loved playing in the creek and in all the leaves.

Sunday was Thanksgiving dinner Number 2 at Dan's Mum and Dad's where we had Quail and Cornish Hens instead of Turkey. They were delicious!

So a great long weekend was had by all and to top it all off there was a surprise dinner out that Dan planned for me. A great dinner at Kelsey's restaurant with our fab friends, Jenna and Steve.

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gem,dave and bonne said...

hey wat a gud idea making a blog your rite it is better than facebook lol hope all is well over the big pond (esp lil primer after his manhood was taken from him lol) dont be strangers now will ya love gemma,dave and bonne xxxxxxx ps i wish we had forests like that over here looks gorgeous im well jealous lol see you soon