Saturday, November 29, 2008

House Renovation Update

It has been nearly a month since our last post. I believe it was the first day of construction. Wow, does the place look so much different since then! After 4 weeks of nearly constant construction our new place is starting to take shape.
Currently we have the basement, main floor and 2nd floor framing all done and the roof is nearly finished. We're in a bit of a rush to get the roof all done because of all the snow we've been getting this past week. Even though it's only been 4 weeks I can't remember ever having green grass in the backyard or having a fence surrounding it to let the dog out. It seems to be endless mud and dirt piles (much to Primer's enjoyment).

With any luck we're about a week away (maybe less!!) before we'll be finally knocking the old walls down in order to attach the new part of the house the old bit. Dan has been working practically night and day to try and get it finished before Christmas (we have 4 weeks left!). And even I, because of being off work during the week, have put my big boots on and been outside helping where I can...mostly holding things and carting things out of the way or just standing idle and watching the work be done ;)

Now that Dan and I can see what our house will look like it's easier to picture the rooms and the fun now is trying to decide on what colour to paint the walls...mind you we're still quiet a few weeks away from that! LOL
We both want to send out huge Thank-You's to everyone who has been helping us with construction! My Dad and Dan's Dad have spent many hours at our place helping getting everything in place and to help Dan move shingles and planks of wood. Our neighbour's and friends Chuck, Josh, Cory, Raymond, Eric and Pierre who have also been a huge help, especially when it came to lifting the walls of the garage.

My Dad is taking some vacation time from work to come and stay with Dan and I a few days to help install new windows and take a sledge hammer to some walls! Thank you also to my Mum, who one Sunday got up at 4am to get a crockpot of chili made so that she could send it with Dad that morning over to ours. It was a delicious lunch for everyone at the house, it kept them all warm while working in the cold! and Thank you to Dan's Mum who provided sandwiches to go with the chili! they were super yummy and much appreciated!
Christmas is around the corner and I'm still trying to weedle my way into getting a Christmas tree this year, I haven't had a Christmas tree yet since I've lived in Aylmer and what better year to start than our first Christmas together since we've been married! We started off the Christmas Season by going to Aylmer's Santa Claus Parade last night which was very busy but lots of fun!

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