Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Visit From Dad and New Windows!

Another week has gone by and with it more construction was completed! This week Dad took a week off of work and came to stay with Dan and I to help with all the building.

It started out on Sunday when Dan and Steve spent the afternoon taking out the front window of our house in order to replace it with a new one. It was definately a little chilly having practically the entire front wall of the house wide open! Now with the new windows the house is starting to look super! The old siding has been stripped off and has now been replaced with pink insullating foam stuff. We have started to already see a difference in how much better the house is keeping the heat inside with the foam on the outside!

The rest of the week was spent mostly on the roof, Ron the Roofer came over and we now have the new part of the house completely covered and shingles which is great! Today he brought his son, Benjamin, to help out too and most of the old roof has been re-shingled.
Dad got to try his hand at jigsawing as he spent a couple of afternoons this week cutting out ribs from plywood in order to make a curved roof over the front porch!
So this week, huge thank you goes to Steve for giving up his Sunday afternoon to come and hang out at our place working with windows. Ron who spent the week shingling our roof, and to his sone Benjamin who came and helped out on Saturday. Then a huge huge thank you to Dad who spent the last week helping Dan out! We couldn't have gotten to where we are without all the wonderful help from everyone :)
Saturday was Jenna's baby shower to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby February! A big group of family and friends all gathered at the United Church in Aylmer to have a great afternoon of Baby Games, Delicious Food and to Enjoy Showering Jenna with lots of prezzies! :)

Everyone had a fab time and we're all counting down the days until February! Josee did an awesome job organizing and planning the event and making sure there was enough food and games for all!

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