Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Time!!

It's that time of year again! I think Christmas time is my favourite time of year for sure :)

We started off the season with an awesome Christmas party over at the Jenkins' house on the 13th. Jen and Steve had a fabulous spread which included a full Turkey dinner! It was a night where good friends got to hang out and wish Christmas Cheer to one another :) We also all had a Sexy Secret Santa gift exchange which is always brilliant and good for some giggles ;) Dan was thrilled to receive a Corona glass set and I (much to Dan's excitment) received a Sex Casino game full of outrageous Bedroom Games HAHAHA....The night was finished off with a group game of Guitar Hero World Tour.
December 17th marked Mum's birthday, so Dan and I took Mum, Dad, Rachel and Alec out for a meal to celebrate. We went to Mum's favourite restaurant, Lapointe, and enjoyed a Seafood dinner with lots of fish and calamari! Yum! Dad picked up a new catchphrase which he uses at every possible occasion, "Pan Seared Catfish!!" it was an item on the menu, not exactly sure why it stuck, but it's hilarious none the less hee hee....

Dec 22nd I spent my last day at Blanch Neige DayCare where I have been helping out Jenna when she has her prenatal appointments, I have loved spending time with Joshua and Zachary and will miss them. That morning marked a special morning as Jen and I loaded up Joshua and we all took a trip to the Dr's so that we could listen to Baby February's heartbeat which was amazing!!! As soon as the heartbeat showed up on the monitor Joshua just froze and listened intently to the baby. Very sweet :) I can't wait until He or She is finally here to meet :)
Christmas Eve Dan and I spent the day with a hopper (or the snow-blower like thingy as I called it) we used it to blow shredded insullation up into the roof. Dan's job was to stand upstairs with the big nozzle thing and blow insullation, my job was downstairs with the hopper, lifting 25lb bales of insullation into the machine and breaking them up. With 33 bales to lift, it worked out to being 825lbs of weight lifting! Phew, great workout! haha. When we were finished we were covered, head to toe, in grey dust, thank goodness we were wearing masks!

We quickly cleaned and dressed then headed out to Almonte for Christmas Eve with my family and the Evans Family. A Christmas Eve Tradition of ours for the last 20 years! I'm sure Dan wondered what he had gotten himself into as the rest of us sat around the Christmas Tree, like every other year, peeing our pants in hysterical laughter! But we can never, year after year, put our finger on what is so funny!
Christmas morning we spent in Almonte, Santa Claus was very good to us this year :) We opened stockings and all our presents then enjoyed Mum's Baked French Toast, the only day of the year we have it. French Toast with Rum baked into is delicious!! LOL
In the afternoon we opened more presents with Dan's family, it was so nice to have his sister Josee home and her boyfriend Dominic! Primer loved visiting with everyone and was impressed with his new beddie. Dan and I then spent a couple hours visiting our friends Rob and Wilma and their little boy Aaron. He's seven months old and this year is his first Christmas, I can't believe how fast he is growing!! Back at Rick and Nin's we had Christmas Dinner with Rick's famous Orange Duck! Delicious :)
After Dinner we dropped Primer off at home, after spending 2 days visiting with family and playing with his buddy Ollie he was passed out sleeping! Soooo tired! We then stopped by Jen and Steve's for a visit. With Steve driving his mum and dad home, Jen was home alone when Dan and I arrived and we interrupted her singing along to the Mamma Mia movie ;)

Boxing Day took us back to Almonte for another Christmas Dinner with my family, Alex (Rachel's boyfriend) was also there which was great. His dad had made some Chocolate Raspberry Port, which we all had a small glass for dessert which was soooo good! Dan and Alec were so excited for the World Juniors, so they spent the evening watching the game while Rachel, Mum and I watched the sing-a-long version of Mamma Mia, which is great while drinking and singing at the top of our lungs! hee hee
The house is coming along, we now have heating ducts going into the new part of the house which makes all the difference. We no longer have to wear our coats and mittens because both the new and old part of the house are heated to the same temperature!

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