Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fun in February!

The beginning of February marked the beginning of me getting back into shape! I have joined a gym in the hopes of improving my level of fitness and ultimately my health :) So we'll see how far I go and what goals I attain.
The first weekend in February was crazy busy! Friday Feb 6 I got a very exciting phone call from one proud new Daddy, Steve Jenkins! He announced that Baby February had arrived and that both Jenna and Baby were doing well...Note here how no status on whether or not a little boy or little girl had been born ;) All continued to be very sneaky when later that afternoon another wonderful, yet vague, email arrived in our inbox to say that Baby Jenkins had been born and that Mum was in recovery and doing very well! A trip to the hospital was in order to find out the scoop and to catch a glimpse to the newest member of the Jenkins' family :)
Upon arrival Dan and I were thrilled to see Jenna in bed recovering from surgery as well as glowing to be a proud new Mum. We were then introduced to Baby Jacqueline Kennedy Jenkins, a little girl!!!! Much love and congratulations to the Jenkins Family xoxo
Saturday Stacey and Jocelyn came to Aylmer from Kingston and Belleville for our annual Winterlude Weekend, a tradition we started while in 2nd year at college together. It was a way to break up the winter blues by tripping down to Ottawa to skate on the canal and eat Beavertails and have a mini-holiday. The days are always ended with the ordering of pizza and watching uber girlie movies until the wee hours. So far we've never missed a year!
We only end up seeing each other maybe twice a year but as soon as we;re back together, we never miss a beat and just pick up from where we left off. All three of us are Lab Techs (MLT's) so the first few hours we get to talk shop (cuz we can't talk to anyone else about our work who truly understands! LOL) complain and laugh about the crazy sh*t that we receive in the lab and what people try to get away with!
Sunday I drove out to Almonte to visit my parents for a day. I hadn't properly seen them since Christmas! The last time was during Dan's surgery so it was a fly in visit and for not so fun reasons. In belatingly celebrating Dad's birthday (Feb 4th) we went to JR's for Sunday Brunch. Delicious! I can't remember the last time I went out for Sunday Brunch, and all three of us were obsessed over the chocolate fountain!!
The following weekend marked Valentine's day. I worked a 12 hr day shift in the lab so was in no mood to go home to get clean and made up to go out for dinner at a packed restaurant. So we decided to bring the nice restaurant home with us ;) Our new favourite restaurant lately has been The Foolish Chicken on Holland St. The best chicken and ribs in the city!! So we ordered a three course meal...and simply ate it at home (Thank the Lord for Take-out!) We enjoyed salad, Chicken and Ribs, Sweet Potato Fries then shared some Gingerbread cake with hot rum sauce...Lovely lovely! (Thank goodness for the new gym membership!LOL) Dan was the best and I arrived at home with food to discover a dozen roses and chocolate xoxox
Girls Night with Pam and Georgia was great that weekend, a trip downtown to the movies, Confession of a Shopaholic. The books are hysterically funny, the movie was so-so but entertaining very sweet. We then strolled around Confederation Park to look at the many ice sculptures Winterlude had to offer!
Here's to wishing the arrival of Spring soon as I am sick and tired of winter! LOL