Saturday, March 28, 2009

March Madness

As a few people have said, it's been awhile since my last post. So here comes my first March post while sitting at work at 1:30 in the morning (when else do I post?! haha)

It has been 2 months since I joined Curves and all I can say is, "It's about time!". Yesterday was my measurement day which brought big smiles from me. Officially I'm down 5 pounds and about 6 inches! Most importantly I feel so much better! I have more energy and am alot less lethargic which is a bonus. On top of going to the gym, I swim twice a week with my mother in law Nin and now that the good weather is returning I'm walking nearly every day with the dog. Now although I'm not really improving my diet as much as I could, I figure the increase in my physical activity is better than nothing! And bikini season is right around the corner ;) !!! ya right!

Progress on the house has come to a bit of a halt as we're are awaiting news from the Bank for our final installment. The only thing left to do really is the en suite Bathroom. All the siding on the house and garage is completed and we now have electricity hooked up in the garage too. Aside from little touchings up here and there we're so close to being complete! Next week will mark 5 months of construction and hopefully by the 6 month mark it will be done! With spring finally here and the snow melting I must say I'm not a fan of our front and back yards. Because of all the work the back-O's (spelling?) did in digging up our property back in the fall, there was no time to replant grass (not really a great idea in November anyways!) so we are currently living in what can only be described as a quagmire! Primer of course loves playing in the copious amounts of mud puddles, much to the dismay of Dan and I when he comes and brings it all in the house! We should take out shares in Swiffer Wet Jet the amount we're going through ;)

March 8th was Daniel's birthday. The night before he had a Guy's night out which resulted in some 4am guitar playing in our living room which I was a little less than impressed with as I had to get up in an hour and half for work! But at the same time I was not a grouch about it because it was great to see him having a much needed break from construction and hanging out with the guys. Sunday night when I came home from work and we had a low key birthday dinner and I gave Dan a Wii. He was a little skeptical at first as to whether or not he really wanted one, but the next afternoon when I suggested we at least try it before taking it back, we have both become hooked! We only have the sports game that it came with and we're finding endless hours of entertainment playing on that. I think the bowling is the highlight for both of us. My Dad came over the next weekend to help with the house and we couldn't get him off the Wii! It was coming up 11pm and we were all ready for bed, but Dad was still there playing rounds of golf and determined to get a strike in bowling. It was great! So now we'll see how long it takes before a Wii shows up at my parents' house!

Last week Mum, Nin and I had a play day in Perth which was awesome! We met bright and early Wednesday afternoon and drove down to Perth for a shopping/snooping day. We stopped by Oxford Linens owned by my Mum's best friend Yvonne where we were able to pick up our favourite moisturizers that we've been rationing since the wedding last spring! We walked up and down the length of the main street and stopped for lunch at the Sunflower Bakery which was delicious. Fresh potato leek soup and garlic cheesy bread was just what was needed to refuel ready to take on the afternoon. On the way home, Nin and I stopped off at Savoury Pursuits (my old haunt...I worked in the kitchen there for 3 or 4 years while I was at school and while I was working full time at CHEO I'd work Saturday and Sunday in the kitchen...phew busy!) A small part of me does miss working in the kitchen, I loved the food that I made and loved getting platters ready and decorating food for weddings and all sorts of events. Another part of me is so glad that I don't work 7 days a week anymore and extremely happy that the days of being in the kitchen for 4am or 5am Saturday morning to get breads and things out for the Farmer's Market are long gone :) A quick visit to say hi to Bonnie and Paul was super and we picked up some Chicken pies for our supper.

This week Mum, Nin and I ventured a little closer to home and wandered back out to Temple's Sugar Bush for breakfast. I haven't been back there since our wedding and it was fabulous to be back! Pam, our events planner recognized us right away and rushed over to say hi and give hugs! Our breakfast was delicious! Hands down Temple's makes the best buttermilk pancakes, even better than my homemade ones for sure :) and when they're served with their maple syrup that was made earlier in the week it can't get much better than that! After an awesome brekkie we stopped by Walmart to find T-shirts for this summer's family reunion out in Saskatchewan. I think we turned some heads walking around with our cart filled with 5 packs of toilet paper (gastro problems much!!) hahaha but it was on sale for $3 so you can't go wrong..seeing as I usually pay $10 at the grocery store! So we all loaded up ;) HAHAHAHA
The Bulk Barn was the last stop of the day and we were so exciting to find out that they carry a huge (well for Canada anyways, it's huge) selection of imported sweets and toffee's from England! Mum and I went bananas over Dolly Mixtures, Fruit Pastilles, Polo's and Club 8's, and we soon had a full basket and wondered how could we suddenly spend $40 at Bulk Barn?! But for childhood treats from across the pond it was well worth it!

Wow this is getting very long! This is what I get for posting once a month, lots to update on!
Hopefully in April I will get my act together ;)

2 weeks it will be Easter which I'm really looking forward too as everyone will be home who I haven't seen in ages! Alec, Rachel and Josee are all coming home for Easter dinners and Easter Bunny chocolate!! Yay!!