Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Countdowns Have Begun!!

I think I have officially decided that I loathe blogging! LOL That's why posts seems to arrive 2-3 months apart and I have to literally drag my ass on here to post something new. However with family across the Atlantic Ocean, it's still a nice way to keep everyone updated, and hypocritically I love reading other people's blogs but can't be bothered to keep mine updated.

September has started and I can't believe how fast the summer (if you can call it a summer) has gone by. With the new month comes all the countdowns!

9 Weeks until my Duedate
6 Weeks until my Maternity Leave Starts (officially)
4 Weeks until my Last day at Work (16 shifts as of today)

Getting more excited than nervous, everyone seems to assume that I should be terrified, but of what exactly? Dan and I planned to have a child and are therefor looking forward to the experience not dreading it. It's our first so of course we will be a little green when it comes to certain things but I think it helps that we're heading into this new chapter of our lives knowing that it is not all going to be smelling of roses (and I'm not just talking about the dirty diapers part heehee)

We're now starting (finally) to get organized, albeit slowly. Most of the things we have are second hand because I cannot in my mind justify buying anything brand new when it's all so unnecessarily expensive and to be frank...the baby doesn't give a crap that's it's onesie is from the consignment store and not Baby Gap or The Children's Place or that the crib does not come as a complete bedroom set and doesn't match the change table or dresser drawers (who cares?! LOL). For whatever reason I did not get sucked into the Commercial aspect of having a Baby, we do not need the 8 million gadgets that "you're baby just can't live without!" which is why we have decided to not have a Baby Shower. The idea of making a registry (in other words a "Gift List" for people the buy from) and then sitting and opening gifts infront of them makes my skin crawl! I have hardly even gone out and bought anything myself. Unusually I'm one of the few mothers-to-be who can walk through a Baby's Store and not melt over every single article and then walk out with nothing purchased.

The Naming Process has become interesting! It's so much fun going through names and finding ones that we can actually agree on and then the pulling faces at the ones we don't :) For some reason we're having an easier time coming up with Boys names than Girls. We seem to also favour older names rather than new age soap opera names (as we call them anyways LOL) but we are keeping our names to ourselves, one or two have leaked out, but for the most part the name of our baby will be announced when he or she is born.

Dan still hasn't felt the baby kick (I'm now 31 weeks, the baby is definately kicking HAHAH) but it never fails that when we're sitting on the couch or in bed and our little swimmer is doing it's kicking routine, the second Dan's hands are on my belly the baby becomes shy and seems to disappear! It's to the point now where I can distinguish where the baby is positioned, and when an arm or leg is sticking out, which is great cuz Dan has felt and seen the funky hard lumps that form when the baby decides to stretch a foot out! It's the coolest feeling ever being able to feel out the side of my tummy and feel a hard little foot sticking out and gently pushing it back where it belongs with my fingers!! Very Cool and Very Exciting!! Can't wait to meet our little him or her in just 2 months time!!