Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Been Awhile!!

So It's been Forever!! Since I last posted a blog entry! LOL I was still very very pregnant with Oliver and still working...OMG!!

Well here it is! Oliver Jacques is now 6 months old which I cannot believe! It has gone by way too fast, and it also means that I have to return to work in 5 months time which I am dreading. If I could somehow come up with a way for me to stay at home and still earn a decent income that doesn't include opening a home daycare I will do it!

Oliver is changing everyday and is becoming more and more fun as he learns to become more mobile and discovering new toys to play with :)

Here's Oliver around 5 months old modeling his Tigger jammies and dressing gown

In about 3 weeks we're heading down to Myrtle Beach for a much needed family vacation. Dan, Oliver and I are going to pack up our trusty car and road trip down the East Coast of the States until we reach South Carolina and we'll set up shop for a week at Myrtle Beach. It will be Oliver's first roadtrip, first trip to the beach and ocean. It will also be the first real roadtrip for Dan and I (other than a 6 hour drive to Niagara Falls 2 years ago). So It should be interesting!! LOL I'm sure some will think we are crazy, trying to drive the 17 hours to SC with a 7 month old baby in the backseat...but we're taking our time and preparing lots of stops along the way...or if we have to wait unti, Oliver's bedtime and drive through the night. Either way I am sooo excited to be away, our hotel is right on the beach, so I'm also excited to waking up with the sounds of ocean waves in the mornings :)
Last weekend we had some beautifully warm and sunny weather, so we took our toys outside on the back deck and Oliver played while I pegged out laundry. Hopefully this summer there will be lots of days to do this! He really seems to love being outside and an added bonus is all the playing outside and fresh air gets him ready for a great afternoon nap!

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