Sunday, December 19, 2010

T'Is The Season...

A week before Christmas, Oliver and I bravely ventured out to a mall! I know, I know, I can hear the gasps now, hahaha, why oh why would you try and brave a place of commerce so close to the holidays?! I must say I was thoroughly surprised and pleased that when we arrived (albeit right at opening to avoid such crowds) we found the place very nearly deserted.

With some quick Christmas shopping completed and Oliver happily "zooming" around in his "rocket ship"...AKA the stroller...we came across the Santa Grotto and with the very unusual lack of a 2 hour line up with decided "hey what the heck, let the Little Dude meet the Jolly Old Fat Man in Red!"

Oliver was super and did not play shy (thank goodness that stage is coming to a close!) however, this up close encounter with a strange man with a fluffy white beard was not to be taken lightly, and my 1 year old spent the time looking very pensive and serious and would not crack a smile! hahaha! He made it to Santa's knee without a tear or a whine and the cliche'ed Santa Photo was taken and I couldn't help but feel so proud of my little guy for his bravery and smiled at how cute the photo was! LOL

Recently we have put up our Christmas Tree and it is, to my joy, hilarious watching Oliver and his new love of indoor foliage! He just can't quite grasp what this big green tree with sparklies on it is doing in his house and keeps walking up to it with his arm up in the air pointing at it then looking at Dan and I! Grandma's tree is particularly fun because the baubles hanging down low are reflective so when Oliver looks at the tree he sees lots of "little Oliver's" staring back at him! Confused he tries to kiss them all! hahaha! I am trying to get a photo of this because it's just so precious and priceless.

This Christmas I am so excited for, now that our Little Dude is a year older. Last Christmas was special because it was his first, but being only 8 weeks old Bless him, Oliver slept through the festivities. This year however he seems intrigued with the idea of the tree, has helped with baking, has posted coins into the Salvation Army Kettles and has learned over the weekend how to open prezzies (children don't take long to learn this crucial life skill!! ;) while attending the annual Christmas Party over at our neighbour's house on the weekend, Oliver and the kids did their gift exchange and he meticulously spent ages carefully opening his gifts by shredding small bits of wrapping paper off piece by piece and placing them in a pile as opposed to tearing into the parcel as fast as humanly possible.

It truly makes Christmas more magical when you are seeing it through the eyes of your children!

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