Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday Hangover

First of all I want to start by wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! May 2011 treat you all with love, health, prosperity and well being.

Now that the holidays are over I am finding that the Holiday Hangover has set in. We all know it, after the elation of having family and friends nearby, the anticipation of Christmas morning and the overwhelming indulgence in delicious turkey dinners and baked goods, we have that sense of "holiday blahs" when life goes back to "normal" and we all return to work. The Christmas Tree is sticking out of the snow bank on the side of the road and with all the decorations put away, it feels as if it never happened and with the return back to the lab I am left sitting here thinking, "Where did Christmas go?! Clearly I blinked, and missed it!" LOL

With that said, I did have a fantastic Christmas holiday this year. This year it seemed that our holidays were even more jammed packed than usual, which was both hectic and wonderful!

The week before Christmas was the time for visiting with many friends! Dan wanted to plan a night out for him, Chris, Carley and I for the D.Gunville Contracting Inc Christmas "do", so we decided to try the Edoko Japanese Steakhouse on Queen St in Ottawa. If you have never been to a restaurant like this before, we can only say with much recommendation, GO! It is a small restaurant and often gets overlooked by its counterpart, Japanese Village, on the next street over. You sit right at the grill and the chef's both cook and entertain you while your dinner is prepared before you! Super cool to see, with juggling knives, flaming vegetables (as in watch you don't get singed yourself!) and the food was delicious!
Later that week I was able to meet up downtown Ottawa with some awesome long time friends from Almonte! It has been months and months since I've been able to touch base with them and in Meg's case 2 and half years!!! Yowza!! I've been really bad and keeping in touch with everyone from back home so it was incredibly special to me to be able to visit with them for the evening as well as celebrate the upcoming holidays! A scrummy dinner at Fat Tuesdays started us off and we topped the evening off with a much needed catch up at the Heart and Crown.

Our Christmas Eve was spent at my Mum and Dad's house where we annually get together with the Evans Family; a tradition that has been continuing for the last 22 or 3 years (will have to ask mum that one...) As long as I can remember really. Every year we sit, eat, drink and be merry and this year was no exception!! I don't know what it is, but we always end up spending most of the night laughing until someone pees their pants and we can never really put our fingers on what was funny in the first place. The one year that always stands out is the year we all laughed ourselves stupid over the saying "Gordon Bennet" and its i say it's never funny to anyone else or the next day, but the magic of Christmas Eve turns us into laughing baboons and its marvellous! This year seemed to focus on Alec's lack of a funny (or short) joke, and having his sails deflated when Dad guessed the so called punchline of his long winded joke about Howard the Duck being hit by a I say funny to us but to no one else! (That's what makes our family tradition with the Evans so special to us, and year after year I always truly look forward to it!) And Bless his heart, this is the night Alec decided to bring his new girlfriend, Angela, home to meet us all who was awesome and instead of running in the other direction joined in the fun! Kudos to you Girl!! Can't wait to see you again soon!
Christmas Eve was cut short for me as I was working the night shift in the lab. Thank goodness everyone was too busy waiting for Santa Claus to want to bring their sick children into the hospital so it was a very quiet night and I managed to put my head down on the bench at work and grab a couple hours sleep. In the morning I raced home on the deserted roads and arrived before Dan and Oliver were awake which was perfect!

Christmas morning was too funny! Oliver who slept through most of last Christmas was a hoot this year in comparison. Although at 14 months he still has no idea of the concept of Christmas and Santa Claus, he still had a blast with all his prezzies that morning. He actually had more fun playing with the cat toys then he did his own and after opening one present he sat content to only play with that one not noticing that he had plenty others to go! After a breakfast of traditional baked french toast (a breakfast treat reserved only for Christmas morning for the past 15+ years) I went to bed to catch some shut eye after working the night shift and Dan and Oliver went over to his Mum and Dad's. A quick snooze later I joined them and we spent the remainder of the day visiting with Grandma, Grandpa, MaTante Josee and MonOncle Dominic and feasting on yummy yummy roast Duck!

Boxing Day we were back out in Almonte to have Chrismtas Turkey Dinner with my folks and to celebrate our Christmas (we bumped it to boxing day this year so we could all be at home together) Oliver had so much fun playing with his music set from Nana and Grandad with his Uncle Alec! Rachel and Alex were also able to drive down their home in Petawawa to be there which was great! I haven't seen much of Rachel, Alex and Alec since the summer.

Jumping to the week leading up to New Year's Eve we had lots of friends come by the house for visits. Lasagna dinner one night with Chris and Carley which was awesome because it made me clean the house and get everything straight! With being away all over Christmas, our house looked like a disaster zone! New Year's Eve we had a big supper of Sheperd's Pie with our neighbours Chuck, Susan and 2 of their kids, Mikayla and Carson and then Michelle and Josh with their 2, Damien and Shelby. The kids had a ball playing together and the boys hunkered down to watch the World Juniors Hockey Game! It never ceases to amaze me how Oliver lights up when his friends come over to play, now that he has picked up speed with his walking (more like running!) he has much more fun now that he can keep up with the others and bit more ;) What is better still is that it wears him right out and come bed time he is ready for huuuge sleeps!!

It is now 4 days after I originally started this post and holy smokes it's alot longer than I had originally intended!
Hope everyone had a spectacular Chrismtas and New Year!

Here's to the start of 2011!

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