Friday, January 28, 2011

Paper Memories

The continuation of my new scrapbooking addiction, and yes I would definately say it's an addiction (too often am I staying up until 1:30, 2am working on putting pages of our memories together!)
I know, I know, for some 1:30 in the morning is a typical bed time whether it be because of wee babes or hours of studying or just being "too cool" to go to bed before midnight ;) For me 1:30 is L.A.T.E!! Once Oliver started sleeping through the night I turned into a 9pm maybe 10pm bedtime person just to catch up on some Z's and to once again have the luxury of just hanging out in my PJ's in bed watching TV for a couple hours.
Again I must mention the reason for my status as a scrappy addict...first of all, my neighbour who convinced me when down in the States on a shopping trip to buy some papers and just try it out (5 for $1 !!! I Love shopping in the US!!).
(Michelle, you have created a monster!)
Secondly the webiste ScrapbookSteals who have provided me with endless inspiration, ideas, and friendship with the all the women who I have started staying in contact with on their site. Thank you infinitely :) The weekly "Mojo" pages have kept me very busy and here is the next 10 layouts that I've been able to complete. (The first 10 are a previous blog post from Sept/2010)

#11 - "Wonderful Thing"(meant to be 1 page, but I turned it into 2)

#12 - "My Sleepy Boys"

#13 - "What a Goose"

#14 - "On The Move"

#15 - "One Week Old, Family Visit"

#16 - "Trains & Tractors"

#17 - "Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet"

#18 - "Happy Halloween"

#19(A) - "Carving Pumpkins"

#19(B) - "Family Fun" (I combined Mojo #19 with #21 to make a 2 page layout)

#20 - "Vally View Farm

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