Monday, January 31, 2011

Past Our Front Doorstep.....

...I have decided that I would like to go here...

The Great Pyramids of Giza. I would love to stand at the base of Cheops and look up at these vast and puzzling architectural wonders of the world. To look in the eyes of the Sphynx and wonder if it is a man or a lion or both.

This is not news, I have always wanted to travel to Egypt. As a little girl I can remember Mum ordering books from the Scholastic Book orders about King Tut and his treasures and me poring over the chapters about mummification and the Afterlife belief structure of the Egyptian people. I can remember in Grade 7 at Naismith taking a field trip with the Enrichment Program to the Museum of Civilization when they had the Egyptian exhibit and being fascinated with the hieroglyphs, mummified cats, Isis, Osiris, Ramses, Hatshepsut....the list goes on :)

I don't expect to travel soon, nor am I even planning anything, but before I die I would love to walk along The Valley of the Kings and feel the hot Egyptian sun on my face. I would love to take Oliver! To show my son that there is so much more to the world, so much to learn, so much to see, so much more than our front porch. To experience the discovering of the world not only for the first time for me but also through the eyes of my child is an experience that I will cherish and look forward to. I will always remember what our Mum taught us, that Travel is one of the best forms of an education one can receive. It's so true!

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Jessica said...

You are totally right kyla! what a great post!