Thursday, February 10, 2011

A ScrapbookSteals Project for The Little Dude

A Few Weeks ago my favourite website ( posted a cute little project that I thought I would try to put together. The wonderfully creative and talented Kristy had used a memory card game to make a Match-Up Book for her little boy.
I thought this would be a fun project to put together for Oliver as we are starting to notice that he really enjoys lining things up and pointing out similarities in the things around him. Lately his new favourite activity (which, albeit, seems to change daily sometimes) is to play with his Thomas the Tank Engine Cards and create his own little version of Solitaire as he lines them up "just so" on the floor in front of him.
I can't take any credit for this little book that I made, as I used the idea on the SS Blog, I tried my best to do it justice, and hopefully it turned out ok!

I went shopping one afternoon to a nearby box store, lets call it "Stuff Mart" and I found a Memory game that I thought Oliver might like. There's pictures of animals on the cards with the English and French words printed on them as well. The animals are also divided up into Babies and Mummies.

I scanned the cards into the computer so that I could print them off and use them for my project. I was originally going to use the cards themselves put they were so thick that they wouldn't stick to the paper very well. This way I could print them off and cut them out and they would be as flas as a piece, of well, paper!

I went through Dan's filing cabinet for his work and took a couple file folders that he wasn't using and brought them upstairs to my desk. Using leftover scrapbooking papers that I'd been holding onto for a few months I covered the front cover and the inside of the folder to create the first page.

The back of the 1st file folder and the front of a 2nd one I covered with some more fun patterend paper to make up the 2nd pages of the book. Inside the 2nd folder is a 3rd pattern and on the back is the same paper as the front cover. Eventually they will be taped together to make a file folder book with 3 pages.

After sticking all the papers onto the file folders I took my sheets of scanned papers and cut out all the animal squares.

I spent the next little while trying to arrange where I wanted these cards to go. These will be stuck down to the pages of the book and then Oliver will use the 2nd set that I printed out to match-up all the pictures. I eventually decided to divide the animals up into a page of Herbivores and a page of Carnivores. On each page I also paired the Baby Animal with their corresponding Mummy Animal.

Out came my handy dandy Silhouette and I cut out some titles for the pages as well as some rectangles to mount them onto. I love this machine! It can cut out the most intricate of patterns and because it uses the fonts that I already have on my computer I always have lettering for titles :)

.......I haven't actually finished the project yet, so to prevent this post turning into a novel here is Part 1!

Part 2 to be written as soon as I can complete the rest of the book and snap some photos ;) enjoy xo


Jessica said...

I love it!
What a great project for the wee one!

Josee Sisson said...

Three things -

1) I saw the same thing on their website and thought of the same thing!

2) So jealous of your machine!

And 3) we most certainly have to get together to do some crafting!