Saturday, March 19, 2011

One Week of ATC Creating!

Last weekend I had posted about my clueless knowledge of what an ATC was. After joining in with the ScrapbookSteals ATC Swap I must admit I was completely intimidated about making my own. These are little cards that have no guidelines, no right or wrong, no inspirational sketch to follow....they are truly one of a kind, made from scratch "works of art"....

Something I have not really tried to do before!

I have never created much from scratch all by myself before (other than my baking ;). When I put together pages in my scrapbook I have always drawn inspiration from the weekly Mojo Sketches that are posted by the uber talented Kristy Lee or the wonderful Guest Designers. I may not translate the sketches literally but it gives me a starting point to at least get an idea on the go. The challenge with Artist Cards (a challenge for me at least) is having to think for myself and create something based on ideas that I've found on my own. A totally daunting task!!

My first couple of cards I made last weekend and I think they took me a couple hours to do, I think I like how they turned out but for a piece of cardstock that is 2.5 x 3.5 inches big, an hour a piece seemed a little crazy! (and I have to make 16 of these?! Yikes!) I was focusing too much on making them look perfect...although what "perfect" means, I have no clue! Nor does it matter! They are cards that reflect me, no matter what they turn out like :)
So this week I focused more on just creating on the spur of the moment, to make myself NOT think about what I was doing and just do it! LOL! and the remaining 14 cards took no time at all! The cards that I like the best are the ones that I spent the least amount of time on and just "threw" things together. I now know that I need to practice not over analyzing and over thinking everything that I'm trying to create because there is no right or wrong why am I hung up on that all the time?

So they may not be "perfect", they may not be "amazing" but to me I feel like I've accomplished something big! I realize for most, making 16 cards can be done with ease and isn't a huge deal, but for me it was hard! LOL! This week I learned to just trust myself and to have confidence in myself to create something on my very own. :)

I can't wait to see what everyone else in the swap have created! I know they will be beautiful!!

P.S - I finally figured out why my lack of Mojo has come super messy desk!! LOL The past couple weeks I've been working on other projects so my desk and surrounding area is littered with half finished projects, flowers, ink pads, glitter, embossing tools the whole nine yards. I'm by no means a neat freak (anyone who has been to our house knows that! haha!) but it makes my skin crawl when things are so incredibly disorganized! Before going to work tonight I spent 45 minutes putting everything away and cleaning my desk (which is covered with embossing powder and glitter which then sticks to EVERYthing!) Once everything was back in its proper place I couldn't believe how motivated I became to start scrapping again! I have lined up photos to use and have papers in mind that I need to find and I'm finally excited to sit down and catch up! YAY!!


Josee said...

cards are never supposed to be perfect.. the first person that tells you is isn't, doesn't deserve a homemade card EVER again. ;-) Way to go Kyla - the cards look great! I especially like the embossed ones!

Kristina said...

Ok, now I'm intimidated! I haven't even started my ATC's yet. I love your use of sprays and SU stamps.

Kyla and Dan Gunville said...

Thank you so much!!
@ Kristina - these were my very first SU stamps! sprays though, I used ink with sponges :) I was really thinking about ordering the sprays that were on SS a couple days ago but I have a few more weeks of Lent so no online shopping for our house ;)

Brenda Smith said...