Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Project for the Little Dude (Part 2)

It's been awhile since I last posted. Here is the continuing story of Oliver's Matching Book that I was making for him. In Part 1 I had started gluing together papers to file folders and cutting out the Animal Cards. Also, as mentioned before, this idea was not my own, I saw it on the SS blog post just over a month ago and wanted to try making one myself :)

Alright so onto Part 2:

After cutting out all the scanned images of the cards, I glued them to some cardstock and cut them out again. These will hopefully be laminated and be used as the Playing cards.

After some more time spent with the Silhouette, the Front Cover is all done!

The First Match-Up Page: All the Herbivore Babies and Mummies

The Second Match-Up Page: All the Carnivore Babies and Mummies

The Third Page: Going to be the storage page for all the playing cards

Back Cover:

A couple weeks ago I took both of the file folders and the playing cards to the "Maples" Office Supply Store to have them all laminated. Because of the size of the store, they did not have plastic backing big enough for the file folders so they have sent them away to a satellite store to have them done there. I received a phone call earlier this week to say that they are all done and are ready to be picked up!!
Stay tuned for Part 3 when hopefully I'll be able to finish up the little book :)

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