Thursday, March 24, 2011

Still Around After All These Years?!

This is not like my usual posts. It's not even anything particularly exciting or important. It was a very odd occasion that Oliver and I were actually watching Sesame Street to begin with (although nowadays it's not even called Sesame St anymore) anyways these 2 popped up and I was immediately thrown back to my own childhood and these 2 little guys were by far my favourite! We weren't big TV watchers growing up (a habit I would like to continue with Oliver) and Sesame Street wasn't even a show we were allowed to watch very often but I still remember brief encounters with these little aliens and couldn't believe they were even still around!

Dan and I since we've been together have always joked about watching these guys as kids and we still go around the house "yup yup yup yup uh huh uh huh"-ing at each other but it has been YEARS since either of us has actually seen those 2.

Through the wonders of PVR I rewound the TV and will admit (shamefully) I watched it several times and laughed like a baboon while Oliver moved on to playing with his trucks (a much more interesting past time than watching Mummy being a dork)


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