Friday, July 8, 2011

Going for Gold!!

So I have been majorly neglecting my blog for the past few months!!

Been busy with life in general and now our newest disaster is trying to clean up our crazy flooded basement. As we speak there's bulldozers on their way to our house to start digging up all the pipes from our house all the way out to the road so that they can be replaced and over the weekend jack hammers will be breaking up the concrete floor in our basement to fix our pipes down there....Sigh....and just in time for our summer vacation too! LOL oh well. We are all ok, safe and healthy and I cannot ask for anything more than that. Insurance is doing their part and the "stuff" that we lost is indeed just "stuff". It can always be replaced :)

On to the more positive! has reached Gold Status in their weekly Mojo Sketches!! 50 weeks of tremendous sketches that have been interpreted into some really incredible layouts by all the creative women that I've come to know online. Here are my last 10 Mojo layouts from the Gold Club Sketches: