Thursday, August 18, 2011

Born to Be Outdoors

I have been neglecting my blog for ages now and I think it's time for a catch up!

With summer very quickly coming to an end (my heart breaks because I love summertime) I look back and think of everything that we have done as a family over the past couple months.

Dan has been visitng Lake Opinicon since he was 2 years old, every summer and so the tradition continues as we took Oliver to the cottage for 2 weeks for his second summer in a row.
Like a duck takes of water, Oliver seemed to thrive by the lake and he is definitely an "Outside Boy". If it was up to him I'm sure he'd still be there in the woods playing in the dirt and swimming in the lake to his heart's content!

It was fanastic to see him playing with very minimal toys (proof that kids do NOT need every gadget on the planet to keep entertained) Oliver was happy to use his imagination and armed with nothing more than a bucket and a few shovels and boats, he occupied his time for hours making "Mud Stew"

About 15 minutes away from our cottage is Chaffey's, a small village that quadruples in size every summer when a population of boaters and cottagers visiting the Locks arrive. Every summer I look forward to spending time at Chaffey's Locks and heading to the Opinicon Hotel for ice cream. Walking through the hotel grounds I always feel like I've stepped back in time. All the original buildings, the hotel grounds reminds me of what vacationing must have been like in the early 20th century. First a boarding house in the 1890's and then a gentleman's fishing club, the resort has been owned by the same family since 1921 and it is the epitome of old fashioned grande vacationing. I half expect to see little girls running around in pinafores and ladies having tea on the lawn with their parasols. Oliver was a lucky boy and had his very first ice cream cone here this summer! With ice cream in hands we then stroll down to the locks to watch the boats travel by.

Dan spent most mornings and evening out on his boat fishing. Everything he catches that's a 'keeper' gets stored in our freezer so that we can enjoy fish all year round. Oliver was a little too eager to join in, but alas maybe when he is a little older and able to swim ;)

A summer present from Nana and Grandad, Oliver was able to really enjoy cottage country with his very own Adirondak chair and table that was just the perfect size of little boys! every morning he would eat his breakfast on his "big boy" chair and watch the boats passing by. In the evening he would enjoy his dessert after dinner and watch the sun go down with Mummy and Daddy.

Truly another fabulous year at the cottage, this year marks my sixth summer there and I can't imagine not spending a summer there. When we returned home it seemed Oliver was a completely different little boy. He has learned so much and "grown up" so much since spending his time outdoors. He learned so many new words, let his imagination stretch and proved to Dan and I that we have a very clever and very adventurous little boy on our hands!

I coulnd't help but add a photo from last summer to show how much has changed in a year!

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