Thursday, August 18, 2011

Right in the Very Heart of It....New York, New York!

Half way through our 2 week stay at the cottage I left for 4 days to go on a Girls Weekend in New York City! The weekend coincided with a few things, First it was a weekend to celebrate my sister Rachel's upcoming marriage to Alex. And when I say celebrate I mean take the girl out to the big city for one last Hooray before tying the knot LOL. Second, the Saturday we were there was my 26th birthday and a birthday present from my husband, Mum and Dad and from myself was a trip to New York, a city I have been dying to visit for years! To top off the weekend my near and dear friend Jocelyn made our group a perfect trio for weekend filled with sight seeing, walking and all around Girlie Fun!

We left bright and early (we left Almonte before 6 in the morning to catch the bus) Friday morning and we had to laugh at our driving itinerary. After about and hour and half on the bus we made our first stop for coffee.....we hadn't even left Canada yet! Seriously?! LOL I guess we had some die hard Timmies lovers that just couldn't make past the border without their morning brew. Back on the bus, coffees in hand we hardly brought the bus up to speed before we were stopping again at the duty free store just outside the border crossing. We absolutely hit up duty free (what would a girls weekend be without wine for the hotel?!) At customs we had a few illegal aliens on the bus (aka travellers from outside of Canada) so we sat parked at the border for nearly an hour and half before we got clearance to enter the US. so you can get a feel for how a 7 hour trip took us nearly 12!

Friday night in the big city was cut short when as we came down to the lobby all dressed ready for a night out a thunder storm hit and decided to stay for several hours. Plans dashed, we hit up the lounge for dinner and then took care of our duty free wine in the hotel room with some chocolate and cheesy rom-coms!

Saturday morning we were buzzing with excitement to finally reaching downtown New York. Although super corny we couldn't help but sing along to Frank Sinatra's New York New YOrk that our tour director blasted from the bus's speakers. Peaking through the trees we could vaguely see the city skyline, the Empire State Building towering over the rest of the city!! So Freakin' Exciting! Once through the Lincoln Tunnel we had made it!

Our morning was spent with Eugene our local tour guide who took us through the highliht reel of New York City. Times Square, the harbour front, Ground Zero, Central Park etc. Our first stop and a dream of mine come true was coffee at Trump Tower. Now Trump Tower has no significant meaning to me, however once we had our coffees in hand it was what was next door that intrigued me......Tiffany's & Co.!!! A la Audrey Hepburn, Jocelyn, Rachel and I drank our coffees while admiring all the sparkly things in the windows. Breakfast at Tiffanys!

A gorgeous walk through Central Park took us through Strawberry Fields, John Lennon's Imagine Memorial Mosaic, past The Bethesda Fountain and Terrace and more. An absolutely beautiful park, you do almost forget that you're in the centre of one of the busiest cities in the world. The shady trees cause the hot summer temperatures to drop and you can even hear birds singing. the only real reminder that you're still in New York is the occasional skyline that peaks over the trees or the hundreds of cyclists that you have to try and dodge!

Saturday night we dressed ourselves up and spent the evening on Broadway! A lifelong dream of mine, especially after spending so many happy years in a Drama/Theatre Group, is to go to Broadway! Just off Times Square in the heart of Manhatten on 45th Street in the Minskoff Theatre. It was there that we went to see The Lion King. A fabulous show, of a story from the Disney movie we grew up with. A Fantastic night, AMAZING show! The music and singing were fantastic, the colour of the costumes were vibrant and you nearly forgot you watching people. They had their movements and mannerisms so finely tuned it was like you really were watching animals. Seriously breathtaking and I will admit I shed a few tears!

After the show we could't resist heading back to Times Square to see all the lights! Once night falls the whole atmosphere of the Square changes. With the millions of lights it still looks like it's day time and it is filled to bursting with people. You can't help but walk down the street with your mouth agape as there's so much to see and take in!

This is starting to be a ton longer than I thought it was going to be....going to break off and make a separate post for Day 2 our trip :)

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