Friday, November 11, 2011

A Day of Remembrance

Another November 11th has arrived and with it arrives the remembrance and thanksgiving of all those who have, and continue to serve, our country. The sacrifices of those before us, as well as the men, women and their families of present will always be felt and should always be remembered and appreciated even beyond the boundaries of today.

Though Remebrance Day is only one day a year, we truly do need to remember to be thankful to our troops each and every day.

So to everyone in the Armed Forces and to their families I say Thank You!

This year Oliver and I stayed home and watched the Remebrance Day Ceremonies on CBC as they were taking place downtown Ottawa at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I was in tears (as always) when the Silver Cross Mother lay her wreath in memory of her lost son. At 11:00 when silence fell and the haunting melodies of The Last Post and The Piper's Lament was played I was surprised that even Oliver stopped what he was doing and remained still and silent. it's funny how even children, no matter their age, can still pick up on the importance of a single moment.

Because of where we live, our backyard is usually right under the flight path of any aircraft that are part of the goings on at Parliament Hill. So throughout the ceremonies and afterwards we had helicopters, biplanes and jets flying over our house in formation on their way to Ottawa. A sobering site to see, 7 helicopters flying over in formation, and loud! It's also a pretty cool for a 2 year old little boy when seven "hah-wee-ca-ca's" fly over his house ;)

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