Friday, January 13, 2012

Check Out My Weave!

Today while crafting, I thought of something that I would love to try with some twine.

A Weave!

The art of weaving is not a new concept, we've been weaving fabrics since the dawn of time and it's definitely not a new thing in the crafty world either. I just haven't tried it out myself in years. I seem to remember weaving with wool when I was in Brownies at the age of it's been awhile!

I wanted to combine this little project with an entry for the Young Crafter's Unite Card Challenge this month. This month's challenge is to create a card that is clean and simple.

This is what I came up with. I first stamped my owl's body stamp on the front of the card and then cut it out with my exacto knife. I stamped the legs underneath and stamped the eyes and nose and cut them out too. On a separate square of cardstock I wrapped the twine and then wove in the fuschia coloured one. I glued the weave on the inside of the card so that on the outside you only see the shape of the owl.

The hearts I hand drew and coloured in then coated them with Crystal Effects. So there you have it! My clean and simple greeting card!


Mistylynn said...

Totally freakin' amazing!

Kelly M said...

LOVE the weaving! This is such a cute card!

Amy said...

This is so totally fabulous!!!

Amber S said...

I'm totally scraplifting this!

Marie / Legojenta said...

That owl turned out super cute! Thank you so much for joining our Young Crafters Unite challenge =)

febe said...

Awesome work on weaving. Cute and adorable card.

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vanlikethecar said...

Oh my. This is beyond awesome!!!!

Janis Caldwell said...

the weave gives the texture to it. i'm so asking my cousin to do this for me. i'm no good with threads. bwahaha!)

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