Sunday, August 19, 2012

Inspiraton University - Design Principles Class

It's been quite a while since I've done any crafting. We've been busy this summer! Aren't we all? lol
At the beginning of June an opportunity arose to become cottage owners and we were absolutely thrilled when everything went through! So most of July and August have been spent by the lake relaxing, boating and swimming (and cleaning and organizing our new space!)....but more about that soon....

About a year ago I came across Britta's youtube channel and I have loved watching all of her tutorials. The first ones I was introduced to were the No Stress Distress Inks series which spawned my love of my Distress Inks! Since then I have learned lots of different bits and pieces and was so excited to hear when she was going to start an online Design Class!

Growing up I never really considered myself overly artistic in the traditional crafty sense. I loved playing music on piano and flute and adored being on stage with various theatre classes but when it came down to crafty just say I never was the one to excel. So all through school I pored over maths and sciences to get through college and left the creative things to the side. (See here)

Since I started paper crafting I've been stretching that part of my brain again and love it!! I may not be amazing at it, but I am hoping that the Design Principles classes with Britta will teach me some new techniques and understand the basics in designing my cards and layouts.

So far we are six classes into the course and I am loving how much I have learned so far! Over the weekend I played catch up a bit. Summer holidays have kept me from crafting so I've been reading along and watching the videos and soon I hope to find some time to apply what we've been learning in class. Along with the classes and tutorials we're also working on creating a quick reference guide book. Each class has a tag that we can use kind of like study notes that we can go back to at anytime, and it kinda looks like an art journal too which is fun!

Here's my tags so far:

Title Page

Class One

Class 2
Class 3

Class 4

Class 5
Class 6

The Whole Booklet So Far

 If you're interested in joining in the classes you can still participate and have access to them all. Head on over to Britta Swiderski's blog and all the info is there :)
My plan soon is to have a post with the cards that I make that apply the principles we have been learning.
Stay tuned!!  

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