Monday, November 19, 2012


A few weeks ago we celebrated our wee one's 3rd Birthday.  First of all I cannot believe how fast those 3 years have zoomed by! Holy Smokes!
To celebrate we invited our family over for a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party. Mr Man is super into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right now so he was so excited when we let him choose his theme this year!
I even have to admit that I was just as excited as our munchkin was, I think because this year he actually understood what was going on and everyday leading up to his special day he would ask, "Mama is it my Happy Birthdays yet?"

Using my non fancy cake making skills I somehow managed to pull together a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse using rice krispy treats covered in coloured fondant, and with a quick order with the online Disney Store, was able to add Mickey and his Friends to the cake too.

Our Munchkin's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Thanks to Pinterest I found these uber cute Mickey Mouse Oreos. They were a bit finicky to make but they were so tasty and absolutely adorable! (and after all the work and melted chocolate coating my kitchen after making them....we forgot to take them out of the freezer the day of the party!! Nooooo!!) hahahaha so we had almost 3 dozen Mickey Mouse cookies to snack on for days afterwards ;)

Mickey Mouse Oreo Cookies
After the party was all said and done, a few days later I sat down and grabbing some black, red and white cardstock I made some Thank You Cards to send to our guests. They were pretty easy to make and didn't take too long. I traced and cut out the Mickey Mouse Silhouette and then glued a red "pocket" on the bottom half to look like his red shorts. I only adhered the outer edges so that I could put the thank you note inside.
Mickey Thank You's
The note card

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