Monday, January 21, 2013

PGCB - Adding Wood Elements

It's time for another Paper Girls Challenge!
Heather has challenged us this time to add wooden elements to our projects. There are kits out there that include wood veneers/embellishments but not to worry, if you don't have those you can get creative with things around the house like toothpicks!

You know me, once I start on a project I rarely deviate from it until it's complete, so it's no surprise that another Scotland Vacation layout came about!
I didn't focus too much on making a busy layout in terms of patterns and colours. I was trying to put together a page with as many photos as possible from our visit and then keep the embellishments subtle. After squeezing in every last photo that I had, I added the wooden banner flags that came with the Kraft Funday Kit (have I mentioned just how much I am in love with Kraft Funday?!) I tried something different by looping twine through the flags but due to an unfortunate gooby glue situation, I am not 100% satisfied with the turnout. There might be a future return to this layout to tweek it a bit....
*Le Sigh*

What I am super satisfied with is that this layout completes our trip to The William Wallace Monument in Stirling! The other layout has all the journaling and title, hence the lack of either on this one. We were on our way back to the cottage after spending the day at Stirling Castle. We had about an hour before the monument closed so we zoomed in to check it out! Thank goodness we did!! Soooo cool!
So William Wallace was born around 1270 and became a great figure head and leader when it came TO fighting for his country's freedom during the Scottish Rebellion against the English in 1297. He was also made popular by Mel Gibson painting his face blue and yelling "You can take our land, but you can't take our freedom!!" (or something like that) in Braveheart.
Anyways, So the Monument is in honour of what Wallace did for his country and it is a beautiful tower that you climb very narrow and winding stairs up to the top to view the stunning Scottish countryside. Inside is also his sword!! As in THE William Wallace Sword!! Not Mel's from no, the gigantic broad sword that Wallace himself used back in 1297! EEKS! (Can you tell I'm a history geek to the max?! LOL)
We made our way to the tippy tippy top of the tower and it was freezing!! We did even spy snow! Alas with time running out and and icy wind blowing we only stayed at the top long enough to appreciate the gorgeous view and to snap a few photpo before making our winding way back down to the bottom.

Supplies Used:
Paper/Kit - My Mind's Eye Kraft Funday
Inks - Tim Holtz Distress Ink, Vintage Photo, Mowed Lawn
Twine - My Mind's Eye

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