Saturday, April 13, 2013

A New Family Adventure!

Usually I am all about the crafty post, but tonight I thought I would blog about something new and exciting that's going on in our family.
As most of our nearest and dearest know, at the beginning of last summer my husband, my sister in law and I pooled our resources and purchased our very own cottage by the lake. It's not just any lake either, it's the lake that both Dan and Josee have grown up on over the last thirty one years!
(For myself, this summer will be my eigth summer there)
To say that it means the world to us now that we are able to show Oliver where his Dadda and Auntie spent their summers is an understatement for sure.

We were also blessed with a piece of land that had an extra cottage built on it which has given us the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the previous owners and use it as a summer rental.

So after a couple weeks of work and tweaking I am pleased to present The Gunville's Cottage Blog!
Here, I hope to update all summer about the goings on locally as well as post our rental calendar etc.
There's photos, a video, local attractions, just come on by for a visit!

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